How to Keep Food Fresh and Save Money

"Why are the products stored in the refrigerator?" Any school child can answer this question. It's cold that helps them stay fresh for a long time. However, the refrigerator is not a panacea and, unfortunately, sometimes the food in it spoils. According to statistics, about a third of all products are sent to the waste bin. And with them, your money goes there too. Do you need this? Of course, not! That’s why, here is the conclusion that you must store food in the refrigerator correctly. We offer you some tips for keeping food fresh and saving your money.

  1. Separate storage Some products shouldn’t be stored nearby in no case because they will absorb the smell of each other or accelerate mutual rot. Don’t keep close such products as:
    • Cheese and smoked products;
    • Cooked and raw foods;
    • Salads and fish;
    • Sausage and fruit;
    • Raw meat and milk.
  2. Arrange the products on the shelves
    If you do not know how to store food in the refrigerator, use the simple rule: quickly spoilt food should be in the cold zone, other products are in the "warm" (the door of the fridge).
  3. Cleanliness
    The refrigerator and freezer should always be clean. Wash the shelves at least once every two months. Simply take out the shelves one by one, wash them, and then put into place.
  4. Do not be wasteful and keep a permanent marker at hand
    Before going to the store, check the contents of the refrigerator. Try not to buy anything edible "just so", it is better to make a menu in advance for a week. Neatly wrap the products and write the date you open them. Then you will be aware of their use-by date.

Well arranged products on clean shelves, the number of which is exactly what you need, surely inspire you to new culinary feats. And your family will thank you then. And never forget that proper storage is the guarantee of your health.


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