Each housewife laying the table tries to achieve perfection. And for many of them, the most difficult and crucial moment is cutting cheese, meat or sausage. If you want everything to be beautiful, smooth and like in a restaurant, the best solution is to use a slicer. This appliance can always come in handy.

In fact, a meat slicer can cut almost everything. The list of products that can’t be cut in the slicer is very small. These are any frozen food, bones or meat not separated from bones, raw meat, fruit with hard stones, broccoli, artichokes, parsnips and turnips. Here, in fact, that’s all. All other food products are quite suitable for slicing with a slicer.

Now, there are a few tips for you when using a meat slicer.

  • – Before slicing, carrots are better to boil slightly or put them in the microwave for a minute and a half. Beetroot must be boiled and peeled.
  • – Tomatoes are best cut in half with the removed stem.
  • – Sweet pepper should also be divided into halves removing seeds and stem.
  • – As for the leaves of lettuce, the slicer will make “tecos” from them, i.e. tear them into shreds. They are great for filling and decorating various dishes.
  • – Celery is best to cut into two parts before processing.
  • – Bananas and citrus fruits are desirable to peel off before giving fruit to the slicer. However, if the appliance has a wavy knife and the skin is not very thick, you can surely cut.
  • – Boiled eggs are necessary to peel from the shell.
  • – Raw meat shouldn’t be processed with a slicer, but the appliance will greatly manage with boiled or baked meat. Do not forget to remove large and medium bones from meat.
  • – It’s better not to slice foods with seeds except tomatoes. The seeds of the fruits like avocados, apples, peaches can easily damage the appliance.
  • – If the food extends over the slicer, you should cut it to size, then it will be more suitable for processing.
  • – Never forget about the cleaning. It’s very important to do after every use. How to do it properly you should refer to the Owner’s Manual. Due to the different designs, the cleaning procedure may vary. Sometimes it’s necessary to dismantle the appliance.
  • – Don’t wash your slicer in the dishwasher because the hard detergents aren’t suitable for it. It’s better to use warm soapy water and do it unhurriedly. After making sure that all parts are completely dry, you can reassemble the slicer.
  • – What are fine and serrated edge blades? A fine edge is smooth and for slicing thin foods, but a serrated edge has teeth and is for slicing hard crusts or fibrous foods.

On the whole, using a slicer significantly saves time, allows you to cut products beautifully and efficiently. Using it is absolutely safe. All slicers have a fuse from accidental activation, a protective cover for the knife and a special pusher, so that your fingers do not get under the knife.

Just imagine that there is a thin cut meat, quaint shapes of cheese and cucumber slices, ideal circles of lemon and orange on a festive table. And the effort to prepare all this beauty is minimal.