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  1. Have a great idea or product!
  2. If you're a new business –Develop your product and your business: get in touch with the Northeast Center for Food Entrepreneurship at Cornell University to find out if you need a scheduled process that with be used to make you product at a large scale. Contact the Mid-Hudson Small Business Development Center to develop a business plan and financing options
  3. Contact Farm to Table: fill our our Inquiry Form or email our client coordinator, it will help give us a better idea of what your co-packing needs are
  4. Submit your recipe or scheduled process: We will have a look at your recipe or process to see it if makes sense in terms of taste, time and efficiency, we will also provide a non-disclosure agreement to protect the safety of your recipe
  5. Conduct test runs and refine: Usually we go through a set of test runs to see if the recipe and process works in real life and in real time. Be prepared for an initial investment, but remember that we want to begin full production with a clear picture of how it will run
  6. Determine a price per piece: after the final test run, we should be able to determine a price per piece, packaging choices such as jars may greatly affect the cost of production
  7. Begin full production! Once we have all these pieces in place, we will begin full production of your product


Below are the links to our Partners that you may be interested in.

If you are just getting started into the food industry, please visit their web sites and explore their assistance programs. These are very valuable resources that can help prepare you to take your business to the next level.

We work closely and have working relationships with: We feel confident in the guidance they can offer your business.
Cornell University

Co-Packing Inquiry Form

To help us understand your co-packing needs, please take some time to fill out this questionnaire. You may also wish to look at our Products & Services page which gives an overview of our co-packing services.